WOD's up für Montag
2017-07-24 19:16
von Rob Powell

Moving Mountains

Super gemacht heute!

Great work today!

Monday Training:

Warm-up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic


1. In 10 Minutes work up to a Heavy R/L effort of the following series

1 x KB or DB Snatch + Top Down TGU to the Ground then Back to standing

2. Squats

50 Unbroken Back Squats at 75% of your Body Weight

followed Directly after by the following:

3 Rounds

12 Russian KettleBell Swings
8 Goblet Jump Squats @ Swing Weight

Notes from Coach: We have a special Rule placed in for todays workout. Your Squats are to be performed Unbroken. Thats right one straight shot and if at any point you rest for more then 2 full breaths at the top of the rep that is considered Breaking your Set. This means you must keep continues motion going in your entire Squat Set. Yes, you may take your Squat Bar from a Rack.

Now to ensure your sticking to the cadence we desire we are going to place a 2 Minute Window on your Squats. If you fail your set at any time or are unable to complete your Squat consult the following key before moving on.

49-40 Squats = 200 Meter Run Penalty
39-30 Squats = 400 Meter Run Penalty
29-20 Squats = 800 Meter Run Penalty
19-10 Squats = 1200 Meter Run Penalty

Your entire work piece is for time from when you start your squats to when you finish your Couplet. Now if you hit a penalty you must finish that run FIRST before you move onto the 3 Round piece and that is also included in your Time. If you cannot even squat the weight 9 times it is obviously to Heavy for you and you should lower it.

Swing Weight: This is up to you but whatever you are Swinging you are also Squatting so pick wisely.


AB Training/Trunk Work



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