WOD's up für Montag
2017-04-03 19:37
von Rob Powell

Moving Mountains

Enjoy your day!

So, we have purposely not posted our workouts lately.

There is some reasoning behind it. Cherry picking. We want it out of the system. Come in and give what you have. Don't try to Tai Chi everything and wish to have a great looking body. You have to work for it. Regardless of what is on the menu for today or tomorrow, come in and eat that shit up. HTFU

Part 1:

3 Rounds of : 1 Deadlift, 1 Snatch Pull, 1 Power Snatch, 1 H P Snatch

Part 2:

EMOM x 16

Even: 2 Power Snatches

Odd: 3 Chin ups with 3 sec hold at the top.


10-20-30-20-10 Burpees

7 Hang Power Snatches

CD: Easy 400m Walk and Jog




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