WOD's up für Dienstag
2018-09-11 14:56
von Rob Powell

Everyday is a new beginning!

Move, Breath, Live And Learn.

Move it! Move it!


Warm-up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic
Warm up 3 Rounds of the following
3 x “Jacked Bull Complex”:
Complex = 1 x DxKB Dead Clean, 2 x DxKB Front Squats, 3 x DxKB Deadlift
*The Bully Complex is a three movement Complex that is ran through 3 times equaling 1 Round. That means a complete complex is a total of 18 Movements

*Build to a maximal 3 round effort hitting at least 3 volume buidling sets leading up to your this based on avaible Weight.
*Rest 60 seconds Between efforts

3 Rounds
40 meter Front load carry
30 Burpees
12 T2B —>each time you off the bar add 9 reps.
*You can carry whatever you like out in front of you unsupported on your shoulders. This means you can front rack kettlebells or goblet carry a KB or DB. You may also wrap your arms a round a sandbag, keg or stone. It’s up to you on this one.
Cool Down: 800m Run


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