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WOD's up für Montag

18. Feb 2019 / von Rob Powell

No one ever suffers from being strong.

Get at it! Don't be a victim. Take charge of your life!

WOD's up for Wednesday

06. Feb 2019 / von Rob Powell

We train our athletes to be tough. Mentally, Physically. Period. Life isn't fair. Check out the retirement homes. Most in there are because they can't physically move around to do things. It's your choice. Do something about. Or you won't.

Work is a major aspect of what we believe in. Either you are ready or you are not. No Snowflakes.

WOD's up für Dienstag

05. Feb 2019 / von Rob Powell

Training am Dienstag!

A Place To Work. Or you are wasting time.....

Be Stronger, Sexier, and Faster!

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